The Kimmel Family Record

A Genealogical Resource Center for the Kimmel Families in the U.S. and Canada

The "Kimmel Family Record" detail comes from the research files of Timothy W. Kimmel at Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Contact Tim at

----Specific Families----
Early New York families    Haplogroup R1b
    1694 Henry appears in New York City
    1737 Balthasar appears in Rhinebeck
Early Philadelphia families
    1738 Conrad arrives in Philadelphia
Jacob of near Orwigsburg, PA     Haplogroup E1b1b1a1b
    1750 Jacob arrives in Philadelphia
    1779 Jacob settles near Orwigsburg, PA
North Carolina families    Haplogroup I2b1
    1751 birth of Georg Claus P (pl. unknown)
    1794 Bernhard's firstborn in Rowan (now
         Davidson) Co., NC
Sons of Michael of Gimbsheim    Haplogroup I1
    1751 Jacob and Valentine arrive with
        families in Philadelphia; settles last in
        Lancaster Co., PA
    1755 Philip arrives with sons and
        settles near Bermudian, PA
John of Hampshire Co., VA     Haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1b3c
    1754 Johannes (Joh. Nicholaus) arrives in Philadelphia    
    1767 Johannes is on communion list at Southfork, VA
Leonard of Harrison Co., OH
    1758 Leonard arrives in Philadelphia
    1809 Leonard settles near New Rumley, OH
Joseph of Charleston, SC
    1764 Joseph and family in Charleston
Jacob of Westmoreland Co., PA
    1768 Jacob arrives in Philadelphia
    1770 Jacob settles near Greensburg, PA
Other Revolution era Kimmels
    George of Lancaster, PA
    Martin of Manchester, MD
    Thomas of Baltimore, MD
    Jacob of Chester Co., PA
    Peter of ( ???), Pennsylvania
    and families mistaken for Kimmels
Kimmels arriving 1800-1899
    About 230 Kimmels arrived and started
    families in the U.S. and Canada.
Black Kimmel families
    Henry Kimmel (c1804) of Chester City, IL
    John Kimmel (1850) of Paducah, KY 
Kimmels after 1900
Kimmel families, unknown original Kimmel
    Incomplete early lineages

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